April 11, 2022

Owner 5th Generation Plumbing

"Had my trailer flip on carton due to the high winds today. I called aggressive towing and they wouldn’t help out so I called OLSON TOWING and them boys where there in 20min or less. I will never make the mistake to call any towing company other than OLSON TOWING! A Special thanks to Trevor for is work ethic and determination to help me out today! GOOD JOB young man and thank you! "
March 12, 2022

2022-03-22 | 18:07:23

"My mom was stranded on some slick roads and Trevor came along and offered to give her a tow the few blocks she needed to go. He was professional, polite, and kind. I'm leaving this review per her request. Thank you for your compassion Trevor!"
December 30, 2021

2022-01-14 | 16:33:45

"I had a tire blowout on the interstate and contacted my insurance company as I have roadside assistance, they in turn contacted Olson Towing, who sent out Danny, he was very prompt, professional, and thorough on. Very cold morning. He did a great job and I appreciated his help. Thank you!"
December 26, 2021

2022-01-14 | 16:33:42

December 2, 2021

2022-01-14 | 16:33:39