July 15, 2024

Jeff Harvey | 2024-07-12 23:14:55

"Olson towing was awesome with assistance on our tire blowout on our traveler trailer. So nice and helpful and cool on a 102 degree day. I highly recommend them!!! They saved our vacation. "
June 30, 2024

2024-07-04 | 15:10:03

"I can't say enough about Olson Towing. They were very professional, courteous and friendly and helped out my family during a difficult time. We were involved in a rather serious incident but Olsons helped us through it very easily and safely. I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs help!"
June 29, 2024

2024-07-04 | 15:10:03

"First time being towed instead of towing others. From dispatch to dropping us off, I can not praise high enough. Fast service, reasonable pricing, Mark was great to have as an operator. Thank you."
June 25, 2024

2024-07-04 | 15:10:04

"Highly recommend this towing company everyone was super friendly. They did need help getting on base but were still able to tow out of base housing. The gentleman that was towing even taught me a few tips and tricks on my jeep! Thank you so much for towing my jeep!"
June 16, 2024

2024-07-04 | 15:10:05

"My car got a boostleak yesterday cause the intercooler pipe popped off, They helped me tow my car with good price, and both of the guys do really good teamwork. I personally recommend it!"